Fair Funding for Education

Schools Boards across the province are facing unprecedented financial constraints at a time when immigration to Canada is on the rise. At the same time school boards are having to cut programs for special needs and learning disabilities to balance school budgets. It is time for the province to review policies that tie the hands of Ontario’s school boards and to prepare for future growth across the province. The province needs to develop innovative ways to help Ontario school boards to address fiscal and infrastructure problems.

Premier Wynne who was once Chair of the TDSB, knows the problems and difficulties that face the largest school board in Canada. We need her government to work with school boards across the province and with municipalities to address funding, development and planning issues. Only by coming together can we ensure that every child is able to access education and to realize their full potential.

We call upon the Provincial Government to review and amend the Education Funding Formula to ensure all schools and school boards are adequately funded. Everyone deserves the right to a proper education.

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