Stop TDSB From Cancelling Our School Bus

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Our young children simply cannot be protected should the city of Toronto not clear snow or if the water overflows. The kilometres required for a child to gain access to busing is substantial if the TDSB took in consideration actual city streets and walkways and not bridges over creeks. It is unfair to expect a children underage to walk over bridges to get to school. It is unsafe and we asked that TDSB reconsiders their stance on cancelling our bus for September 2017.

The residents in the Oakdale Village community and surrounding area of Chalkfarm Public School ask that you consider extending our school bus pick up and drop off for elementary school age students, including kindergarten students. Our children have relied on busing for 5 years, and our parents were ensured that we would have busing as they continue at Chalkfarm Public School due to the hazardous and dangerous conditions of the bridge they are required to walk on to get to school. We simply cannot rely on a bridge for access to school.

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